Homeowner Stories

Our homeowners are just like you.

Perhaps you have modest resources; credit challenges; are tired of renting substandard housing with high energy bills; have always dreamt of owning a home of your own, or need help navigating the complicated world of the lending and construction process.

 We understand and are here to help.
Our qualified and friendly staff truly believe that everyone deserves to live in a well-built, energy-efficient, safe home. We’ve helped nearly 150 families achieve the dream of homeownership. Now is your turn.

Tenacity Results in a Better Home

Stan, Lisa, and their two school age children had been living in unfit, unsafe conditions in an extremely remote location far from town. With both working, Stan and Lisa earned enough to support their family but were ready to take the next step towards homeownership. They eagerly completed the homeownership certification requirements, so they could join the self-help program. Working 30 hours a week to build their house and others, Stan and Lisa earned sweat equity to compliment their modest savings.
When Stan was laid off, he immediately made looking for work his full-time job to ensure he and his family did not lose the opportunity to achieve their dream of homeownership. Stan excepted a job that was nearly an hour away from their existing home, just so they could stay in the program. Stan and his family now have a beautiful place to call home that is close to town, family, schools, and friends.

Help Navigating Latent Resources

In the middle of the night, Martha was forced to evacuate her home as she watched flames engulf her life’s memories. Though her home was insured for replacement value, she moved into an old apartment building thinking she’d spend the rest of life there because she did not know how to navigate the system to get the insurance company and mortgage company to release funds for a replacement home.

Highlands Housing’s staff helped Martha negotiate the insurance pay-out and mortgage release, which allowed her to build a new home that fit her budget yet was big enough for herself and her grandchildren.

Reduction in energy bills helps young family find savings

The rental home where Joanna, Ben and their young daughter previously lived was so poorly insulated that they kept the thermostat at 52°F in the winter, just so the electric bill would stay at or below $500 a month. Electrical bills, in addition to their $300 rent prevented this young family from reaping the benefits of homeownership.

When Joanna and Ben finally decided to purchase a home with the help of Highlands Housing, they had high-hopes of homeownership but never expected to see their energy bill drop to $100 a month as a result of the energy-efficient features built into her new home nor were they expecting their mortgage payment to be less than their rent allowing them to save money for their daughter’s future.

Overcoming credit challenges to homeownership

Jessica is a single mother of two beautiful girls ages 5 and 7 and worked at a local daycare for 5 years. Jessica always rented but could never afford a home that she felt was safe for her and the girls. Working with Highlands Housing Corporation, Jessica was shocked to learn her house payment would be only $50.00 more than her existing rent payment.

Before she could make this dream a reality, Jessica needed to overcome several credit issues from her past and wasn’t financially ready to be a homeowner, but Jessica was determined to make a difference for her future. She worked very hard on her budgeting and financial health with help from our homebuyer education classes and turned her situation around.

Not only is Jessica a homeowner, but her credit is rebuilt as a result of the programs and services offered by Highlands Housing Corporation. Jessica is very proud of her accomplishments and her daughters were so excited to have their own rooms, they could hardly wait to choose the paint colors.

From Single-Wide to Permanent Home

Nancy and her extended family live in Wayne County, Kentucky. Having grown up on a dairy farm, she was no stranger to hard work and worked all her adult life as well. Before joining a Mutual Self-Help Housing group in 2011 run by Highlands Housing Corporation, her home was a 1970’s vintage single-wide placed on land she owned.

Nancy was intrigued by the concept of self-help housing as a way to improve her living conditions and those of four other Wayne County households
in the build group. The sweat equity the five households earned by building 65% of each other’s homes made it possible for them to own new homes well within the reach of their modest savings and budgets.

Family Restoration

Sam, a young single father, was living in a place unfit for his young son to spend the night. Working with Highlands Housing to qualify for a mortgage, Sam obtained financing that allowed him to purchase a new home both he and his son could enjoy together.

They now live in a community of other Highlands Housing families that take walks together, share cookouts and have formed a neighborhood ball league which practices on the acres of green space in the neighborhood.

Disclaimer: The homeowner names were changed to protect their identity.

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