Recent Projects

ROOTS Project

dig. plant. grow. thrive.

The ROOTS Project, short for “Recycling Old Outdated Trailer Sites”, was a project in Mount Vernon, Kentucky whereby eight older model mobile homes were replaced with eight newly constructed homes. The development offered one-story homes with two-bedrooms and one bath or two-story homes that offered three-bedrooms and two baths.

The project, which was completed during the summer of 2023, provided eight families with beautiful and energy-efficient homes and dramatically enhanced the appearance of West Main Street, along with adding approximately $1,100,000 to the local tax base.

Cumberland Horizon Village

dig. plant. grow. thrive.

The Cumberland Horizon Village project involved construction of a 36-unit apartment complex in Monticello, Kentucky. The apartment were developed for families aged 55 and over and are located near shopping, medical and other support services. The project was financed using Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and started leasing on July 1, 2022.  For information about leasing, call 606.348.4588. 

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