Economic Impact

While Highlands Housing Corporation’s work helps our customers enjoy greater economic freedom through housing that has a low life-cycle cost, it is mindful of local economic impacts as well.

For every $52,000 spent on home building, one person in the production supply chain is employed.

Every new home built by Highlands Housing creates or sustains approximately 2 new jobs per year.

The more people who are employed earning a decent living, the better the housing market becomes.

Highlands Housing Corporation by the Numbers

$ 1 m
Added to the local tax base
$ 1 m
New Investments in housing production
New Jobs Created
$ 1 m
USDA/RD 502 Direct Loans closed
$ 1 m
Total non-federal funding
"If not for Highlands Housing, affordable, energy efficient housing would be non-existent. It just wouldn’t be available for so many families needing good, quality housing.”
Bruce Chestnut
Owner, Wayne Manufactured Structures

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