Brittani is a single mother of two beautiful girls ages 5 and 7.

She has worked at a local daycare for the past 5 years. Brittani has always rented and has never been able to afford to rent a home that she felt was safe for her and the girls. But, through the self-help program and other programs, Brittani’s house payment will only be $50.00 more than her current rent.

When Brittani first made application, she wasn’t financially ready to be a homeowner; she had to overcome several credit issues from her past. But, she worked very hard on her budgeting and
financial health with help from our homebuyer education classes.

Brittani was determined to make a difference for her and her girls’ future, and she turned her situation around. She is very proud of her accomplishments. Her daughters were so excited to have their own rooms, they could hardly wait to choose the paint colors.